Ryan Leech and the Trials Of Life

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The Trials of Ryan 

The Lower Mainland is the epicentre of what’s shaking in the world of fat tire cycling, whether hucking off North Shore drops or hopping around the trials park in Port Moody. No one epitomizes this more than Ryan Leech, a professional trials rider, extreme mountain biker and monster freerider. We’re pleased to feature Ryan as a guest on our site.

Trials Riding

Ryan Leech discovered he had a talent for trials riding – a blend of balance and hopping skills – when he was 13. He’s twice that now and has journeyed long distances to appear with Cirque de Soleil in Disney World, star in the prestigious Vans Warped Tour, as well as ride his specially-designed Norco bike along ancient Incan roads in Peru. True to his West Coast roots, you’re just as likely to find him working out in the sheltered Port Moody Trials Park as anywhere.

What’s The Point?

Trials riders earn points in competitions by demonstrating a winning blend of balancing skills and sheer guts. Riders hop and drop around an obstacle course that simulates the challenges of bicycling along a rock-and-roots covered trail.

But there’s far more involved than that. So much so that Ryan decided to take matters into his own hands and craft a film that defined his passion for the sport and his vision for its destiny. Manifesto is the result. Watch clips of all his films at RyanLeech.com.


One Response to “Ryan Leech and the Trials Of Life”

  1. Ryan on May 15th, 2008 5:51 pm

    Hi Jack!

    Just checking out the new site, congrats! I was pumped to see you posted the link to the story you did with me last year, right on!!

    I see you are using wordpress for the site, good choice!!

    The site is clean, easy to navigate, with lots of info; is it easy for you to update, must be if you use wordpress.

    Hope to see you around this summer, you always bring a smile to my face. All the best to you and Louise!!


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