Igloo Building in Mount Seymour Park

May 5, 2009 · Print This Article

Ever done something you’ve always wanted to but didn’t know it? That’s how I felt while building an igloo in Mount Seymour Provincial Park on Vancouver’s North Shore. As I stood like Atlas holding up the world – in this case a suitcase-size slab of compacted snow – I realized I was exactly where I was meant to be at that moment, creating a memory that would be added to my accomplishments in life’s rich pageant.igloo1

Thanks to the coaching from Mike Harding, expedition leader with Westcoast Adventures, we fashioned our “dome away from home” in about three hours. Then Louise got to work digging out a snow kitchen where we gathered with Mike, his staff, two snowshoe instructors from Mount Seymour Resort, friends Janice (pictured above and below) and Scott Greenwood-Fraser , and fellow journalists Ann Campbell of Vancouver and Alf Alderson from the U.K.


Once again, Louise had a chance to test the video feature on her Leica C-Lux 2. While the little camera has many fine features, a decent view finder would be a helpful addition. As it is, Louise shoots blind and hopes for the best. Part of the learning process on this production is familiarizing ourself with the iMovie editing system on Louise’s Mac. Bearing that in mind, here is a rough cut of our weekend experience which we’ll update with a cleaner edit in the days ahead.

The Federation of Mountain Clubs of British Columbia publishes a helpful guide on building snow shelters: FMCBC Training manual VII. Call 604-736-3053 to request a copy.


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