Sunshine and Aioli Chips

January 27, 2009 · Print This Article

In my quest to ski 100 days this year, I’ve just logged two more fine, fine, superfine days at Whistler.

After hearing nothing but English accents over Christmas, this time the village was humming with Americans drawn north for the Martin Luther King Jr long weekend. Many of the US visitors I spoke to while riding the lifts planned to extend their stay a further day in honour of the presidential inauguration of Barrack Obama.  And a good thing that is too since our American cousins have a reputation for working harder and taking fewer holidays – only half of what most Canadians enjoy – than anywhere else in the developed world.

Owing to a temperature inversion, the weather in the alpine was truly bizarre. The higher you went, the warmer the breezes blew. At +12C at the top of Blackcomb, it was April in January. Thankfully, I’d been warned to pack sunscreen.

Despite the inversion, snow conditions remain surprisingly good. Those in search of mile-long runs will find plenty of groomed terrain to cruise from top to bottom.

Following an email tip I recently received, on my way home I stopped by Nita Lake Lodge in Whistler’s Creekside neighbourhood to sample the fries at Jordan’s Crossing Lounge. Savouring “pommes frites” is a long-established family road trip tradition. A large take out box cost $6 and came with mayo aioli sauce. A rich aroma of garlic and olive oil filled the car and made the drive much easier to take, as did the warmth of the sun. The perfect way to sugarcoat the tedium of a commute.


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